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Due to historically high property values, there has never been a better time to refinance in the State of Montana!  We work with local and national lenders for mortgage assignments, and, we accept assignments for many other uses such as: estates, divorce, pre-listing, eminent domain, property tax challenges, litigation support, partial interest valuation, PMI removal, etc.  

No matter what your needs are in a valuation professional, we can be part of the solution.  Click below for contact info.  

Currently offering residential, commercial, and industrial real estate appraisal services in Central and Western Montana, with competitive fees and turn times. Accepting assignments via Email, Text, Mercury Network, Appraisalport, Lender Portals, etc., in Flathead, Lake, Sanders, Mineral, Missoula, Ravalli, Granite, Deerlodge, Beaverhead, Madison, Silverbow, Gallatin, and Park Counties; Yellowstone County coming soon. 

Qualifications: Scott Spear MAI, SRA has been in the real estate appraisal business since 1993, is a Certified General Appraiser, and is one of the most experienced and highest credentialed appraisers in the State of Montana. The MAI and SRA designations are prestigious designations awarded by the Appraisal Institute to those appraisers that have shown a high level of appraisal expertise through a series of coursework, exams, demonstrations, and thousands of experience hours. Only a small percentage of commercial real estate appraisers achieve these designations. Property types may include commercial, industrial, agricultural, residential, and, vacant land. The SRA designation is held by professionals who provide a wide range of services for residential properties related to providing opinions of value, evaluations, reviews, and investment consulting. The MAI and SRA designations have long been recognized by courts of law, government agencies, financial institutions, and investors as a mark of excellence in the field of real estate valuation and analysis.  

As one of only a few dual MAI and SRA designated Certified General Appraisers in the State of Montana, Scott Spear and 406 Valuation LLC possess the comprehensive experience, education, and qualifications required to provide credible value opinions for residential, commercial, and industrial properties that financial institutions, attorneys, and government institutions require. With 30+ years of experience appraising in Central and Western Montana, we're more than ready to take on practically any type of real estate in any area market. 

406 Valuation, LLC offers equivalent pricing to lesser credentialed firms, in conjunction with superior turn time. 

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Seeking a Valuation?

Providing expert and defensible valuations on properties such as:

  • Single and multi unit residential properties.
  • Desk reviews, field reviews, forensic reviews. 
  • Hybrid, bifurcated, limited scope assignments.
  • Estate assignments.
  • Divorce/Dissolution assignments.
  • Eminent domain assignments.
  • Partial Interest assignments.
  • Pre-listing assignments.
  • Relocation assignments.  
  • Easement and right of way assignments.
  • Subdivisions, major and minor.
  • Ranches, rural, recreational, agricultural properties.
  • High value complex residential properties.
  • Retail buildings with multiple or single tenants.
  • Office buildings with multiple or single tenants.
  • Medical facilities.
  • Storage facilities.
  • Industrial parks, light manufacturing, and warehouses.
  • Fast food and family restaurants.
  • Multi-unit apartment buildings, co-ops, and condominiums.
  • Hotels, motels, lodging.
  • Conference and convention centers.

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Why Choose Us?

By having a Certified General Appraiser with dual MAI and SRA designations, and 30 years experience across Montana, we have some of the best credentials and greatest breadth and depth of experience in the State of Montana.  Further, our investment in trainees and technology translates into quicker turn times and lower costs for our clients.  In the event of a forensic review, a repurchase demand, or potential litigation, having utilized the services of 406 Valuation LLC is a responsible choice to have made.  

Scott Spear MAI, SRA 

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